Articles 17.05.2014 06:00

Canada , Hungary and South Korea joined the UNIF

Family of futnet countries under the auspices of the UNIF on Friday, May 16 grown by three major countries.

UNIF Congress was held in the meeting room Modřický Hall, where delegates found the perfect background. The Congress was attended by 18 countries, including three newly adopted associations and two observer missions of Latvia and Romania.

All three newly adopted country are great promise for the future and in previous years at UNIF events showed great interest in the development of futnet.

Hungary, futnet traditional country with many achievements on the international stage, it enters the UNIF trend has strengthened the unification of futnet world. Canada, a country with great potential in sport and organizational areas and last but not least, South Korea, a very strong player in the Asian part of futnet world where four million people are playing jokgu. It is very good backup in futnet UNIF family.

An interesting development occurs also in the Baltic countries, Latvia was represented at the Congress. The local officials have great experience in football and the Olympic games.

Another interesting news is the tendency of Romania going to the UNIF mainstream. In the romania futnet association changes occur and it seems that Romania is following the example of Hungary will soon be added to the UNIF.

Late last year, resigned from the post of President UNIF David Solano. On the Congress there were also elections. The new UNIF president was elected current Vice president Kamil Klenik (Czech Republic), the new Vice President Vincent Kolly (Switzerland) and ordinary members of the Executive Committee were elected Pavel Masek from Denmark and Huen Yeong Shin of South Korea.

From the technical point of view was important UNIF approval of change of residence from France to the Czech Republic where futnet is the most stable environment and Czech Futnet Association has the full support of all the sports authorities, the Ministry of Education, youth and sports and with the Czech Olympic Committee. Let's hope that the new members will contribute to an even more dynamic futnet in the world.