Articles 16.05.2014 18:00

Blockers Lodz and Kaposvár advance to Main Tournament

Four teams competed in the qualification – Blokers Lodz (Poland), KFIF (Denmark), Kaposvár (Hungary) and TC Golosievo Kyiv (Ukraine). After some very nice matches, Kaposvár won the qualification group followed to the main tournament by Blockers Lodz on the second place.

The Polish team was paired in Group A, Kaposvar in Group B, where it will compete against with home team TJ Sokol SDS Exmost Modrice. Kiev and the Danish team KFIF is waiting for Saturday match each other.

The qualification was officially started by Mayor of Holubice, Mr Stanislav Pribyl and UNIF Vice president Mr Kamil Klenik.

The opening ceremony was guarded by soldiers in historical uniforms, as a reminder of the Battle of the Three Emperors, which took place in the fields between Holubice and Austerlitz.